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Reclaimed (Shifter Sancuary 2) Available at BookStrand and Amazon

Shifter Sanctuary isn’t just an exclusive mountain retreat, it’s also home to a BDSM club where shifters take a walk on the wild side.  Paige Matthews flees to the resort to warn her former pride leader of nightmares long thought behind them.  But no one warned Paige about two affirmed bachelor lion shifters who would make her question everything she had ever been told.
Dylan Jacobs and Matt West are Doms who have no desire to settle down, until they meet Paige. They want her to be their submissive, but they’re unaware of her family’s responsibility for a horrible event that shattered the pride and threatens its future.
Paige knows the past’s secrets still pose a danger and she’s the only one who can sound the alarm. But revealing those secrets might mean losing the only men who have ever made her feel safe. Together they will need to confront the past and conquer the threat still stalking them if they have any chance of claiming happiness.
A Siren Erotic Romance

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Sex Scene Championship 2014

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I'm participating in the 2014 Sex Scene Championships over at Scorching Book Reviews here:

The contest runs August 10 - August 25th. My scene will be up for voting on August 14th and the voting window only lasts for 48 hours. Please cast your vote and be registered to win some fantastic prizes!

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Interview with Zoe X. Rider

Today I’m hosting author Zoe X. Rider as part of the 2014 Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop. Be sure to leave a comment and your email address for a chance to win an eBook copy of Leashed, my latest release from Siren Publishing.

Zoe, I hear a lot of authors talk about the inspiration they get from music. Do you listen to music when you write? If so, what kind?

I love music. I love going to concerts. I’m one of those annoying hipster types who buys all the new albums on vinyl and won’t have anything to do with CDs. A lot of the characters I write are musicians, because I just love that whole lifestyle: creating, going on the road, the close friendships (and animosity) that form when you’re stuck in what amounts to a sexless marriage with your bandmates. However, a lot of the time I’m either too easily distracted to have music on when I write, or I’m too in-the-zone to remember to put it on. I’ve more than once realized that I’ve had headphone on for two hours, because I meant to listen to music while I wrote, but I forgot to push play. When I do successfully manage to listen to music when I write, I wind up listening to the same album over and over, because it’s easier than stopping to pick a new one, or—if I’m listening to vinyl instead of MP3s—I hear one side of an album and then nothing but silence because I can’t interrupt myself long enough to flip it over.

When I was writing Games Boys Play, the 85,000-word m/m bondagefest that Loose Id put out earlier this year, I must have played Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s Baby 81 a hundred times, because the first song on the album—“Took Out a Loan”—was a great way to get me into the rhythm of writing, and then, like I said, I’d just repeat the album rather than interrupt my flow to poke around for something else.

I do often listen to music when I’m thinking about a story. Driving is great for working through stories, and driving is also great for playing music. Sometimes I’ll put an album on in my office, slump down on the loveseat, and just work through story stuff while music fills the room. I listen to a lot of garage bands, current-day psychedelic rock, and old blues, which fits well with what I write a lot of the time.

Do any of your manuscripts have a soundtrack?

Like I said, a lot of my stories have musicians in them, and the novel-length stories tend to have enough room for these musicians have music they’re interested in, so for Games Boys Play and the new adult novel I recently finished, you could probably put together soundtracks of the music those characters are into. In Games Boys Play, for instance, you find out what bands Brian likes when he starts listing their discographies in his head as a way to distract himself when he finds himself turned on but can’t act on it. (It’s the musician’s version of thinking about baseball!) In the new adult novel I recently finished, Shane listens to “new music that sounds old,” and his DIY bondage gear roommate, Derek, listens to classic rock. At one point, Shane gives Derek a mix tape of music he thinks Derek might like—I might make a soundtrack out of that when the book comes out.

As for music that fits the mood of the story as it goes along, I don’t do that so much, though I was haunted by a cover of an old Rosie and the Originals song, “Angel Baby,” as I was heading toward the ending of the new adult novel. There was a Spiritualized song stuck in my head around that too, though I don’t recall which now. Probably something off their Songs in A&E album.

As you said, Games Boys Play has a lot of bondage, as do a number of your shorter stories. How do you feel about fetishes?

I love that sexual desire is so varied and intricate and personal. Even taking a common fetish—being dominated, say—there’s so much variation from person to person about what “dominate me” means to them, how it has to play out in order to hit their uniquely individual buttons. When I find stories that make the fetishes personal to the characters, I don’t even care when fetishes they are, I’m into the stories. Something that reads like a step-by-step BDSM template, though, doesn’t do much for me, because people are just more varied and clever and interesting than that. I’m looking to be surprised and delighted, which doesn’t mean a story has to go over-the-top into finding newer and more extreme ways to get off. It just means I want to have a sense that there are real people with real needs in these characters, that they’re not just working their way through a BDSM (or whatever) Scene Checklist.

My husband recently asked me, when I told him about a puppy play story I had an idea for, “How can you write about something you’re not into?” I told him I don’t have to be into it. The characters do. I’m into the characters: they have needs and desires and fears and, ultimately, courage, and that’s what it’s all about for me. The particulars of thing that sates their desires become interesting to me because it’s interesting to them. And hopefully that makes it interesting to readers too.

Is there anything that makes you nervous about readers?

Oh geez. What doesn’t make me nervous about readers? I’m nervous that readers who aren’t familiar with my writing won’t like it. I’m nervous that readers who like the stuff I’ve already done won’t like what I do next. Whenever I read a review where someone was disappointed with the story, I feel terrible. Intellectually I know you can’t please everyone, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling like I let someone down. Who likes letting people down?

But of course you can get paralyzed by that. Either it can shut down your writing, or you can find yourself trying to write to please everyone, which never works out. So I don’t dwell on it. I give myself a moment of wishing I had written what that particular person was hoping to get out of a story, and then I go back to doing what I do, which is writing stories that appeal to me and hoping that they’ll wind up in front of other people who are looking for those kinds of stories.

Thanks for hosting me on your blog, Scarlet!
My pleasure, Zoe! Thanks for stopping by!

Zoe X. Rider writes m/m erotica and erotic romance. Her debut novel, Games Boys Play, is available from Loose Id.

See the post below for the full schedule and details of the 2014 Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop!

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2014 Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop: June 23rd to July 7th      

2014 AWER blog hop banner

It's time for the 2014 Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop! For those of you who didn't catch it last year, this blog hop is made up of talented authors who hang out together online at the Absolute Write Water Cooler.

Join us on a different blog each day for steamy excerpts, enlightening interviews and as much snarkiness as we can cram into two weeks. Each author will offer prizes on their own blog, so be sure to leave a comment on each blog for your chance to win eBooks, print books, gift cards and swag.

I will be giving away an eBook of Leashed, my latest release and the first book of a new series. It's a racy ménage full of shifters and BDSM yumminess, so don't miss out on your chance to get your copy. Just leave a comment and your email address on any post on my blog during the blog hop and you'll be entered.
The schedule for the blog hop is listed below and includes links to each author's blog. Be sure to spread the word and share the fun!


Week One:
June 23 Azalea Moone  interviewing Anais Morgan.
June 24 Anais Morgan interviewing Emily Veinglory
June 25 Emily Veinglory interviewing Scarlet Day
June 26 Scarlet Day interviewing Zoe X. Rider
June 27 Zoe X. Rider interviewing Gail Bridges
June 28 Gail Bridges interviewing Crane Hana
June 29 Crane Hana interviewing Kate Lowell
Week 2
June 30 Kate Lowell interviewing Karenna Colcroft
July 01 Karenna Colcroft interviewing Kimber Vale
July 02 Kimber Vale interviewing Ravon Silvius
July 03 Ravon Silvius interviewing Tara Quan
July 04 Tara Quan interviewing Ana J. Phoenix
July 05 Ana J. Phoenix interviewing Evelyn Aster
July 06 Evelyn Aster interviewing Dee Tass
July 07 Dee Tass interviewing Azalea Moone

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Reaper's Redemption Available at Bookstrand

Reaper's Redemption Available at BookStrand!

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Fantasy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Atticus is a fallen angel with many names, but the Grim Reaper is the one most feared. After failing his last mission, he’ll get as close to his new target as he must to ensure success. An unfallen angel and Atticus’s brother, Azrael longs to turn Atticus from darkness. His own mission comes first, though, and if he succeeds he’ll lose Atticus forever.
Danni Morgan had her life ahead of her until a devastating diagnosis changed everything. She’s determined to conquer her fear of death, but she has no idea her soul is being stalked.
As he interferes with Atticus’s mission, Azrael realizes their target may be the only one who can save his brother. But Azrael may have to sacrifice himself as the price for his brother’s salvation. Danni’s time grows short, sacred vows are broken, and angelic forces are unleashed. In the end, even the walls of Hell are no match for the power of love and redemption.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Available at BookStrand Now! Also available in paperback!

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, bondage, HEA]

Dismissed as myth, the Fountain of Youth intrigued countless explorers. They chased the dream across oceans and continents, never finding the life-giving waters. But even myths can be real.

Claire Morgan is on the run from an abusive husband. Her days of freedom are numbered, though, and her husband will stop at nothing to find her. When he does, she knows she’ll die at his hands.

Christian and Stefan de la Fuente are brothers who have led separate and lonely lives for almost three hundred years. It might take a miracle, or at least a dead grandmother and one not-so-helpless damsel, to bring them together. But to save Claire, they’ll have to share the source, and curse, of their eternal youth.

A ruthless husband isn’t the only thing stalking Claire, but she’s finished letting others determine her fate. When she takes control of her future, though, even the legendary Fountain of Youth may not be enough to save her.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.
A Siren Erotic Romance

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Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop Interview with S. A. Meade

Welcome to a stop on the Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop, where we’re showcasing erotica and erotic romance authors from the Absolute Write forums. Each day, interviews will be posted, and when it’s all said and done, some lucky commenter will win a huge prize!  Click here for the entire blog schedule and details about the contents of the prize, and how to win an armload of ebooks, a $25 Amazon gift card, and more.

Today, I’m hosting the talented S.A. Meade, who I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with over on the Absolute Write Forums. I am deathly afraid of the vicious-looking plot bunnies she has in her avatar over on AW.

Hi, S. A.! What draws you to romance, in particular M/M romance?
I’ve always loved romance, ever since I accidentally picked up a Victoria Holt novel in the junior high school library. That was it, I was hooked. I’m a dreadful one for day-dreaming and writing romance seems a good way to put those day dreams on paper, as it were.

As for M/M romance, that was a bit of an accident too. I love men, I love writing male characters. I am most definitely not a girly girl. Show me a dolly and I’ll run away screaming.

If you came with a warning label, what would it say?

Ha, I can relate to that! What’s the best part of publishing your book, from start to finish?
Getting that initial ‘Yes please, we’d love to publish it’ and also holding the print copy in my hot little paws.

What’s the worst part? 
Waiting for a decision on a submission, it destroys my elusive mojo.

What do you think is sexy?
Not the sex itself, the flirting, the build-up, a stolen glance, a furtive but heated touch.

How often do you Google yourself?
Maybe once a week.

Do you read reviews of your book?
Yes. I’m a glutton for punishment. It’s always good to see what people think. I want to know if I’m writing books that readers enjoy.

What’s the one thing readers can always count on when they pick up a book written by you?
Angst, hurt/comfort.

If you could pick anyone in the world to be the cover model(s) on your latest release, who would it be?
Aidan Turner.

If one of your titles could be made into a movie, which would it be and who would play the lead roles?
Oh, without a doubt, Stolen Summer. I can’t tell you how tempted I am to whack a copy in a padded envelope to send to Russell T Davis. As for who would play the leads, a slimmed down Sam Worthington would make a very nice Evan and Aidan Turner for Colin.

When you're not writing, what do you do for fun?
Cook and drool at recipes online.

How did you celebrate the sale of your first book?
With a muted ‘woot’. My husband was upstairs having a nap. We were stony broke so there was no celebratory meal or champagne.

Can you tell us a little about your latest release?
My last release was ‘Lord of Endersley’, it’s the first of a series set around a house in Wiltshire. The first part takes place in India during the Sepoy Uprising of 1857. It was a lot of fun to write because I’ve always wanted to write a book set in that place and time.

How can readers connect with you? Do you have a blog?
I have a neglected blog

What’s your current book list and where can we buy them?
My books are available here:

Thank you for visiting this stop on the Absolutely Erotic Blog Hop! Please be sure to visit S. A. Meade’s blog tomorrow to read an interview with the lovely Erin Lark, and comment for more chances to win the grand prize! And a special thanks to the wonderful L. A. Witt for organizing this fantastic blog hop!
Lord of Endersley

Will the passion ignited during a violent uprising survive the rigid confines of Victorian society? Jacob Endersley is glad to escape the confines of his family home for the exotic and dangerous beauty of India during the glory days of the Raj. Marcus Billington, an Army officer, is tired of the stifling social mores of life in a British enclave. When the Sepoy Uprising o 1857 leads to chaos and bloodshed, the two men seek the safety of Agra and find refuge in each other. Once the rebellion is quashed, Jacob returns to England while Marcus remains in India. They have no hope of a future together until Jacob learns that Marcus has returned to England. When they meet again, Marcus makes it clear there can be nothing between them and Jacob returns to Endersley resigned to a solitary life until Marcus arrives out of the blue and then everything changes.